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Criteria to determine impaired behavior

  1. Age Suitability

    Each developmental period has its own behavior. For this reason, it is necessary to know the characteristics of the developmental period in which the child is present. Ex; A 2 year old child is negativist, motivated and does not do the desired thing. Freud's anal, Erikson finds the child to be an autonomous individual at these age, when he confronts the period of doubt and embarrassment against autonomy. He does not want the gold to be changed in his own way, he refuses to be kissed.

    3-5 years old wants to attract attention. The imaginary world is so wide that it can tell incredible stories. For this reason, while the children of these ages are not considered to be a lie, the lie that occurs in children aged 11-14 is considered a deviation from normal behavior.

  2. Density

    The second criterion that a behavior is regarded as a disorder is density. Anger and mood in a 5 year old child is natural, this behavior is physical harm to another If Shape turns into a category of behavior disorder.

  3. Continuity

    The child has a long way to go in a certain manner.

  4. Sexual role expectations

    While males are expected to be more aggressive than girls, behaviors of girls who behave similar to males and behaviors of males fall into the category of behavior that normally deviates.
Erkut N.