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Join the Campaign against Bullying

Bullying has turned out as a perennial problem worldwide. Statistics revealed that one out of five were reported to have been persecuted by their peers. Bullied children tend to become depressed and problematic. Worse, many of them have the tendency to drop out of school for fear of being intimidated and tormented by school bullies. Bullying can come in the form of physical and mental oppression. 

This problem is something that parents, teachers, school administrators, and other stakeholders must deal with together. The safety and wellbeing of their kids is at stake here. 

National Bullying Prevention Month

The good news is established a National Bullying Prevention Center which created the nationwide campaign against bullying in 2006. Every October of the year is National Bullying Prevention Month. It brings together communities globally to educate people about the evils of bullying and increase awareness for its prevention.

It used to be a week-long occasion but is now a worldwide initiative with thousands upon thousands of concerned individuals taking part in numerous activities throughout the month of October. Private Citizens; schools; corporate organizations; associations; and, celebrities have already joined this interest group. 

Now, it is your turn to also take action so your children remain secure while at the school, within the neighborhood, or even online. 

Anti-Bullying Pursuits

Many academic institutions and civic-minded organizations have linked together for the STOMP OUT BULLYING Crusade in observance of National Bullying Prevention Month.

At school, this week is the time to make new friends with students you are not yet acquainted with. This is one way of addressing the concern of being left out by others or being new at school. It is not healthy at all to become isolated so making friends is an effective solution. Try to act as a leader and do not allow anyone to get cut off from the rest.

The week of October 16 is regarded as “Stand up for Others” Week. Stand up for those who are being coerced and muster enough courage to help address this concern. Conscientious students can participate in the following:

  • Develop positive messages and disseminate them to other youngsters at school.
  • Organize an activity like Kindness Dance.
  • Share tales of inspiration among other young boys and girls by posting them on the website of the STOMP OUT BULLYING.
  • Create videos that will advocate anti-bullying.

The week of October 23 is known as the Week of Inclusion which encourages including other students in different extra-curricular activities. Meanwhile, the week of October 30 is the time to initiate worthy conversations among your friends.

Be there for your colleagues! Stop the bullying even before it begins. Stand up for other kids who are tormented by bullies. Espouse a pledge or commitment against bullying. Share it with friends on social media like FACEBOOK and TWITTER. Coordinate with other parents, guardians, and mentors for a concerted effort against oppression of kids at school. Check out the website at for some innovative ideas. 

Erkut N.