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How to take advantage of Christmas gifts as a teacher?

The culture of gift-giving during the Christmas season is very popular in the classroom. A survey made by the Teachers and Lecturers Association with 1, 000 of their members, revealed that 93% had received gifts. They stated that the most common gifts were chocolate (85%), but other presents were: tickets to an opera, a bottle of champagne, a Tiffany bracelet and others.

Teachers and Christmas gifts

There is nothing wrong with this tradition even if teachers don’t expect holiday gifts from their students, although the gesture is greatly appreciated. To take advantage of the Yuletide spirit of giving, teachers made a list of presents they want that can be used in their classrooms. Primary schools are not adequately funded or not at all so teachers spend money out of their own pockets to buy instructional materials and other enhancements to make their classes interesting for students to learn.

Gifts that teachers need and use in the classroom

Classroom books. Teachers in preschool and elementary schools are constantly purchasing newly-published books for their use in class while most teachers are trying to put up a library in their homeroom classroom. You can buy the favorite book of your child and have him/her sign the inside cover and give this gift to the teacher. Or you can purchase a number of copies of some favorite books. Place all the books in a gift basket as give this thoughtful present to the teacher. These books can be used in the classroom for many years to come.

Books on CD. CD books are used to assist students to read fluently by follow along with the text. This is beneficial to students of all ages. The titles of the CD books will depend on your grade level and content area.

Games for indoor recess. The teacher of your child will appreciate gifts of classic games for activities outside of class periods. There are wonderful games that will develop mental skills as well as entertainment. Some of them are Checkers, Chess, Connect Four, Game of Generals, Puzzles, Sudoku, Tetris, Tic-Tac-Toe, Uno, Word games and many more.

School supplies. Teachers are provided by the school with supplies but these are not adequate. Many times they purchase these items out of their own paycheck. Some supplies needed are: antiseptic wipes, crayons, erasers, glue sticks, markers, notepads, paper clips, pencils and tissues. Put these items in a decorative container, and you have a gift.

Grading stamps. This gift will make grading papers a little bit easier for your teacher. Pick up generic stamps that say "Good job!" or "A+" or "Needs improvement," or “F” or you can personalize them with her name, like a personalized self-inking stamper.

Dr. Grip Gel Pilot Pen. Since teachers are writing all the time, an efficient pen like the Dr. Grip Gel Pilot Pen will go a long way in their classroom chores. Easy to use, Dr. Grip is acclaimed as the best kind of pen used for long writing stints by the Association of American Arthritis.

Gift-giving to teachers is not an obligation but the best option to show appreciation and a good way to show young people the value of sharing especially during the Yuletide Season. All gifts must be appropriate for the occasion and the recipient will enjoy. She will be happy to receive something useful. Teachers have fond memories of their experiences in the classroom and your gift will have a special place in their hearts.

Erkut N.