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Inner dialog of a teacher

I am a teacher and my passion is teaching, i.e.:  to develop the potentials of young minds. With the students under my care, we work together to discover and to explore new things; and when we find the key to open doors, it is a jubilation to learn new things illumined by the lightning-life of the mind. For me teaching is the finest work of all.

The world of the classroom

All classrooms are like ordinary rooms but for a teacher, it is a world filled with ideas and possibilities. I can imagine Albert Einstein sitting in one of the desks in my classroom. Still a kid then, he was not especially brilliant in the classroom even thou he had high grades. He deplored protocols that were strict followed by teachers and their demand for rote learning in students. These made him to dislike the school.

I could almost feel the presence of Steve Jobs in my classroom. As Apple co-founder, Jobs made it easy for teachers to do their work; for example, students do their math test on Macbooks as their teacher uses an iPad in order to determine their progress. Jobs placed a strong emphasis on getting a foothold in schools.

What I am trying to express is that there are geniuses coming from your classrooms you may not even know it. There are also those who might become future inventors and made your work easy in the classroom.

Students today and yesterday: a comparison

Not so long ago, I was a student too and I spent most of my time in the library to read books and do my homework. Students today are very much different from those years ago. They have difficulty in reading and cannot think critically. You have to tell them what to do and how to do it. After all, many students depend on their computers and never buy books or open their textbooks. Past students endeavor to work hard for high grades; today’s students do not even try. Past students looked at education as a privilege; but current students consider education as their right. Earlier students acknowledged responsibility of their mistakes, took responsibility for their mistakes but today’s students report to their parents who in turn call their lawyers.

The current decline of family also explains the situation. A stable environment is where the child learns best which is apparently disappearing. Parents are too lenient and do not require their children to study and learn school material. Parents are non-supportive of what teachers and principals expect of their children. Their children easily form bad habits and no longer respect their teachers.

More peaceful world

If more women are in positions of political power today, the Earth would be a more peaceful place. Why do American women continue to lag in leadership positions?

Rising global uncertainty and insecurity demands dialogue as the most important option. Leaders and senior government officials communicate, talk and listen. They have to be honest in facing each other and treat each one with frankness and an open mind. By respecting and understanding the position of each other, they reach a common ground and work towards achieving a peaceful world.

I am proud to be a teacher and these are my inner thoughts I wish to share. I hope others could pick it up for these are sure steps towards a better world.

Erkut N.