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How to introduce kindergarteners to computers?

Nowadays, kids cannot imagine life without computers. From the moment they are awake, kids and computers become inseparable. It is a fact that many kids in schools and even preschoolers spend hours in front of a computer on daily basis. The best way is not to let go, it is worth the effort to introduce kindergarten to computers the proper way.

Coming of the computers

Computers impacted homes in the late 1977 and used in many ways: for chatting, education, entertainment, information, managing the home budget and others. From birth, babies at home are familiar with computers. So as soon as they are able, computers become an interesting playmate.

For parent raising children in the cyber world, the question when to allow kids access to computers and other electronic devices is a tough one. There is no right or wrong time to introduce young kids to the family computer. By the age of about 3 or 4, children ready real software activities with storylines and puzzles to solve.

Introducing kindergartens to computers

1. Preparation

Check that kids you are teaching are at least 3 years of age. Kids aged 3 and older are more likely to understand basic computer concepts; while younger ones will have hard times struggling to learn about computers.

Be sure that only kid-friendly input devices are installed on the computers. For efficient learning, mouses and keyboards in computers must be physically comfortable and easily understood for kid’s use.

2. Step-by-step

The teacher introduces him/herself after kids are settled comfortably in the computer lab. Children are asked what type of technology they have used and share what they know with classmates.

The teacher talks about this wonderful device and the need to take good care of them. Lab Rules naturally followed. Basic computer etiquette and ways to take care of computers are essential lessons for kids. Foods and drinks must be kept away from computers at all times. Keyboards, mouses, and other accessories must be handled gently and never to pound on them and resort to physical abuse.

Let them understand that computer monitors are not touch screens! Talk about physical parts, the CPU is the computer’s brains of the computer. Showed how to use gentle fingers on the keyboard

Demonstrate the proper way kids hold and use a computer mouse. Computers are driven by commands coming from the mouse; therefore, teach kids the proper way of using the mouse as the major initial step in computer learning.

Teach kids about typing on a keyboard by proper positioning of hands over keys.

Kids must learn how to use internet’s assistance in doing research and their homework. The Internet can be a rich tool in finalizing homework assignments, and so they need to strengthen their computer skills.

Fun activities using computers for kids:

  • Beginning number games
  • Listening skills games
  • Measurement vocabulary games
  • Mouse skills games
  • Phonemic awareness games
  • Shapes in the world games
  • Typing games

Since knowledge in using computers becomes an essential part of modern society, most parents prefer their children to learn using computer at an earlier stage. Children in their preschool years have already spent time on computers at home. For healthy interaction between your child and the web, young ones must be appropriately introduced to computers. Where else could this be but in the kindergarten classrooms?

Erkut N.