Clipart Sites for Graphic Designers: A Review of the Best Online Resources


Clipart has long been a staple in the toolkit of graphic designers, offering a quick and convenient way to add visual flair to their projects. However, not all clipart is created equal, and finding the right resources can be daunting. In this article, we’ll take a deep dive into the world of clipart sites, exploring the best online resources explicitly tailored to the needs of graphic designers.

Quick Tips for Choosing Clipart Sites: Before we dive into the reviews, here are some quick tips to keep in mind when choosing clipart sites for your graphic design projects:

  1. Quality Over Quantity: Look for sites prioritizing quality over sheer quantity. High-resolution, professionally designed clipart will elevate your designs more effectively than a vast collection of low-quality images.
  2. Licensing Terms: Be sure to carefully review the licensing terms of each site to ensure compliance with your intended use. Some sites offer royalty-free clipart for commercial use, while others may have more restrictive licensing agreements.
  3. User Experience: Opt for sites with intuitive user interfaces and robust search functionalities. A well-designed platform will make finding the perfect clipart for your project and streamline your workflow easier.
  4. Community and Support: Consider sites that offer additional resources such as tutorials, forums, or customer support. Access to a supportive community is precious when seeking guidance or inspiration for your design projects.

Now, let’s explore some of the top clipart sites for graphic designers in more detail:


Review of Top Clipart Sites

  1. Shutterstock: Shutterstock is a powerhouse in the stock media industry, offering a vast selection of high-quality images, videos, vectors, and illustrations, including a dedicated clipart section. With over 350 million assets in its library, Shutterstock provides graphic designers with an extensive selection. The platform’s sophisticated search tools simplify the process of discovering the ideal clipart for any project, and its adaptable licensing choices seamlessly accommodate personal and commercial purposes.




  • Huge selection of high-quality clipart
  • Advanced search filters for precise results
  • Flexible licensing options, including royalty-free images for commercial use
  • Integration with design software like Adobe Creative Cloud


  • Subscription-based pricing may be expensive for occasional users.
  1. Freepik: Freepik is a popular platform offering free and premium graphic resources, including clipart, vectors, PSD files, and more. While the site primarily focuses on free content, its premium subscription unlocks access to an even more extensive selection of high-quality clipart and other design assets. Freepik’s clipart collection covers various styles and themes, making it suitable for multiple design projects.


  • Extensive collection of both free and premium clipart
  • User-friendly interface with easy download options
  • Regularly updated with new content
  • Affordable premium subscription plans


  • Free content may require attribution in some instances
  1. Adobe Stock: Adobe Stock is Adobe’s own stock media platform, offering a vast selection of images, videos, templates, and, yes, clipart. With seamless integration with Adobe Creative Cloud apps, Adobe Stock makes it easy for graphic designers to find and license high-quality clipart directly within their design workflow. The platform offers standard and premium collections catering to various design needs.


  • Seamless integration with Adobe Creative Cloud
  • High-quality clipart curated by Adobe’s team of experts
  • Flexible licensing options, including extended licenses for commercial use
  • Convenient purchasing options, including pay-per-image and subscription plans


  • Premium pricing may be prohibitive for some users




Case Studies: Real-World Applications of Clipart in Graphic Design

To illustrate the effectiveness of quality clipart in graphic design, let’s take a look at some real-world case studies:

  1. E-commerce Website Redesign: A graphic designer revamps an e-commerce website’s homepage by incorporating visually appealing clipart icons to highlight product categories, resulting in a more engaging and user-friendly browsing experience.
  2. Social Media Campaign: A marketing agency creates eye-catching graphics using clipart elements to convey key messages and promotions, driving higher engagement and click-through rates.
  3. Print Advertisement: A local business utilizes clipart illustrations in a print advertisement to visually communicate its products and services, attracting the attention of potential customers and increasing brand visibility.


Understanding the Needs of Graphic Designers

Before delving into the reviews of specific clipart sites, it’s crucial to understand what graphic designers look for in clipart resources. Graphic designers require clipart that enhances the visual appeal of their designs and aligns with their creative vision and project requirements. They seek versatile, high-quality, easily customizable clipart to suit various design styles and themes. Additionally, graphic designers value clipart resources with clear licensing terms, allowing seamless integration into personal and commercial projects without legal complications.


Criteria for Evaluating Clipart Sites

When evaluating clipart sites, several vital criteria come into play:

  1. Diversity and Variety: Graphic designers look for clipart sites with diverse and extensive collections covering various themes, styles, and subjects. A diverse selection ensures that designers can find the perfect clipart for any project, whether a playful illustration for a children’s book or a sleek icon for a corporate website.
  2. Quality: Top-notch quality is essential in the realm of clipart. Graphic designers rely on clipart that boasts high resolution, clarity, and scalability to achieve the best possible design outcomes. Low-quality clipart can detract from a design’s overall professionalism and impact, so designers prioritize platforms that offer crisp, well-designed images.
  3. Licensing Terms and Usage Rights: Licensing terms are another critical consideration for graphic designers. They need clipart resources with transparent and flexible licensing options for personal and commercial use. Platforms that offer royalty-free clipart with no attribution required are beautiful to designers, as they provide peace of mind and legal protection for their projects.
  4. User Experience and Interface: User experience plays a significant role in the decision-making process for graphic designers. They prefer clipart sites with intuitive user interfaces, robust search functionalities, and easy download options to streamline their workflow. A well-designed platform makes it easier for designers to find the clipart they need quickly and efficiently, saving time and enhancing productivity.
  5. Additional Features and Tools: Beyond clipart collections, graphic designers appreciate platforms that offer other features and tools to support their creative process. This could include design software integration, customization options, tutorials, and resources to help designers hone their skills and stay inspired.




Table: Comparison of Top Clipart Sites for Graphic Designers

Site Features Pros Cons
Shutterstock Extensive selection, advanced search filters Huge selection, flexible licensing options Subscription-based pricing may be expensive
Freepik Free and premium options, user-friendly Extensive collection, affordable subscription Free content may require attribution
Adobe Stock Seamless integration with Adobe Creative Cloud High-quality clipart, flexible licensing Excellent pricing may be prohibitive

This table provides a quick overview of each clipart site’s essential features, pros, and cons, allowing graphic designers to make informed decisions based on their specific needs and preferences.



Clipart websites provide graphic designers valuable resources for enriching their projects using top-notch visuals. Designers can elevate their designs and streamline workflow by choosing the right platforms and prioritizing quality, licensing, user experience, and support. Whether you’re working on web design, social media graphics, print materials, or any other creative project, investing in quality clipart will pay dividends in the long run.


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With the wealth of online clipart resources, graphic designers have more options than ever to find the perfect images for their projects. By choosing reputable platforms prioritizing quality, licensing, and user experience, designers can take their designs to the next level and achieve stunning results.

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